Gen Ed Goals

All programs offered at ECC require students to complete a general education (gen ed) core curriculum. By completing this gen ed core curriculum, the students should master prescribed general education goals and related objectives in eight General Education Foundation Categories and two additional General Education Integrated Course Goals and related objectives. The eight gen ed foundation categories and associated gen ed goals and objectives along with the two gen ed integrated course goals - i.e., the gen ed requirements - have been collegially determined and agreed upon by all 19 New Jersey County Colleges. They are as follows:

Gen Ed Foundation Categories

  • Written & Oral Communication
  • Quantitative Knowledge and Skills
  • Scientific Knowledge and Reasoning
  • Technological Competency
  • Society and Human Behavior
  • Humanistic Perspective
  • Historical Perspective
  • Global & Cultural Awareness of Diversity

Gen Ed Integrated Course Goals

  • Ethical Reasoning and Action
  • Information Literacy

Click here to see the detailed gen ed goals and related objectives and a list of which ECC courses are 'affirmed' (by the state) in each gen ed foundation category and/or are determined (by ECC) to address each gen ed integrated course goal.

Click here to see how many credits of coursework 'affirmed' in each gen ed foundation category and/or determined to address each gen ed integrated course goal are required for A.A., A.S., A.A.S., and Certificate degree programs.

{Click here to be redirected to, the website for the New Jersey Council of County Colleges, where specific up-to-date as well as historical details of these gen ed requirements (as included in the Lampitt Bill and the Transfer Agreement legislation, which was designed to ensure seamless transfer between NJ county colleges and four-year NJ public colleges/ institutions) can be found.}

Gen ed assessment requires the determination of the level of student mastery of all required gen ed goals and related objectives. Such assessment is conducted at the course level; therefore, specific SLO assessment results can be accessed by selecting the Course Goals tab on the green menu bar on this website and locating the particular gen ed course in the SLOAT section on this page.